Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Judith Miller and Justice

The jailing of NYT journalist Judith Miller is a hard thing to garner sympathy over. Her book and articles that insisted on the existence of WMD and the unequivocal need to attack Iraq simply undermined the interests of the US in the Middle East and undermined the notion of investigation for the purpose of discovery rather than producing fodder for an already entrenched decision. Her book "The Ninety-Nine Names of God" was a screed that took a poke at a fundamental aspect of Islamic theology (revelation of God through attributes or names) and thereafter tried to inspire fear of all things Islamic, be they institutions or individuals, based on her "reporting" as reliable as the Myth of WMD. But then there's something unnerving about journalists unable to protect the names of sources who will speak only when their anonymity is assured. This is important because if we only get news according to sources as reliable as press releases, we're screwed. Let's call our papers, then, "Pravda" or "Taliban Times" or [fill in the blank].


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