Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Good Lead & Time Travel

Here's one of the better leads I've read lately: "There was a conference for time travelers at M.I.T. earlier this spring. I'm still hoping to attend, and although the odds are slim, they are apparently not zero despite the efforts and hopes of deterministically minded physicists who would like to eliminate the possibility of your creating a paradox by going back in time and killing your grandfather."

The rest of the article is very interesting, as is the whole concept of time travel. NYT. I personally do accept that the world is not flat, in the sense that the physical and the mysterious are not mutually exclusive, and I reject the idea that impossibilities, as officially declared by the priests with the lab coats, are immutable laws, hopeless cul-de-sacs of the universe or tea cups. One of the ironies of the day is the imaginative width of those who believe in the unseen versus those whose entire conception of existence is informed only by material molecular constructions. A "Euclidean" event is problably around the corner, a paradigm altering understanding of the physical world, the same way that Euclides proved the possibility that parallel lines can indeed intersect, given the curvature in existence.


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