Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Who Owns the Media?

This is kind of a sensitive question for a lot of people who believe the media complex is owned by one guy in a bunker beneath the floor of the Mediterranean a few miles west of Tel Aviv. He's sitting in a control room pressing buttons and inventing phrases and churning out orders for others to closely follow, or else. But seriously. . . . What we have, however, are a shrinking number of corporations buying media outlets and putting them into a thimble that fits fewer thumbs with each turn of the globe. Here's an interesting link with a collection of the top owners of media outlets, print and broadcast. Look here at who owns your free press and signs the checks of those who bring you "the news from around the world."


Blogger Pete said...

I don't even want to look...just please tell me The Nation, TomPaine.com and AlterNet aren't in there anywhere.

6/24/2005 12:28 PM  
Blogger fromclay said...

They're not in the list of holdings. So far . . .

6/24/2005 1:50 PM  

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