Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Pornifying Politics" Interesting Read

Columnist Kathleen Parker, whom I've never heard of before, writes this interesting piece found in many papers across the country. So if you happen to remember Ms. Parker writing unflattering things about Islam and Muslims and whatever, then excuse me and, if you feel compelled, register your complaint here.
If our enemies don't hate us, it's an oversight. The confluence of the worst of modern American trends -- national narcissism, the sexualization of all things animate and otherwise, and the devaluing of currencies from literature to public discourse -- has reached a perfect storm of idiocy in the form of MTV-style political videos. Can the culture possibly go any lower before the barbarians simply waltz through America's front door, left lazily ajar by the last one to shake her booty? The videos are the latest rage in virtual politics: Pouty girls, scantily clad, bump 'n' grind their luv for this presidential candidate or that. . . .

The attention-seeking, self-important desperation that drives today's virtual world is boundless and, apparently, boundary-less. What's next? Photoshopped porn flicks featuring, well, take your pick? . . . Here's the truth: The girly tapes of the 2008 election make Hillary Rodham Clinton look like Margaret Thatcher, reminding all that America has never been more in need of grown-up women in high places.


Anonymous irving said...

If people didn't watch it, advertisers wouldn't pay to have it on, and it would be off the air. In a capitalist market driven business like television, sex sells, and money talks. Sad but true.

She's a good writer though, on this subject at least.

Ya Haqq!

7/30/2007 1:04 PM  

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