Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cluster Ethics

Here's a quote and link to Abd al-Hakim Murad's most recent BBC piece. He speaks of the cluster bombs and their immorality. He says:

Religions argue amongst themselves; this is a fact of our world. Their ideas about God or the gods differ immensely. But on the level of fundamental ethics, they are in substantial and heartening agreement. Mercy and justice are universal concerns. The God of the Koran calls himself compassionate and merciful before all other names. No member of any other religion will disagree. And the same God is a God of justice, who one day will call all human tyrants to account. If this is so, then what could be more evident than the following. A weapon 98% of whose victims are innocent is neither merciful nor just. The lesson and the challenge, therefore, is this: will religious leaders admit that what unites them seems to be more fundamental than what divides them? If so, then perhaps, together, they can lead the world in calling for a technology that is a promise, and not a threat, for the weak and vulnerable.

The whole article can be found here and you may also click on the audio if you would like to hear him read it.


Anonymous irving said...

May Allah grant that there comes a time when cluster bombs are placed in that ancient category of outlawed weapons, along with guns, all bombs, hatred and malice. It is a crime to use them, and a sin to allow it.

3/01/2007 11:03 AM  
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