Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thomas J. Abercrombie Passes Away

I just learned (via Avari) that well-known National Geographic photographer Thomas Abercrombie died a few months ago in Washington DC. God have mercy on him. His photos of the Hajj for National Geographic will remain among the most awesome shots of the sacred city (Makkah) and its throngs of Pilgrims. He was a daring soul who ventured to far-off places, caves, and cliffs, often risking his life, to capture on film unique scenes from the diverse nooks of the world. His obit in the Wash Post says this: "Over the years, he became the magazine's expert on the Arab world, and he was so impressed by Islam that he read the Koran in Arabic and became a Muslim. He made four pilgrimages to Mecca, where he took the first photographs of the city made for the Western world."

You may read the whole piece here. Or you may go to the National Press Photographers Association, as they honor him here.


Anonymous Irving said...

May Allah give his beautiful soul peace and eternal love.


8/01/2006 2:59 PM  

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