Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Amartya Sen on Phantom Clashes

Here's an interesting article (well-said and thoughtful) about the contemporary handling of Islamic / Muslim affaris: "What Clash of Civilizations?" by Amartya Sen.
"The response to Islamic fundamentalism and to the terrorism linked with it also becomes particularly confused when there is a general failure to distinguish between Islamic history and the history of Muslim people. Muslims, like all other people in the world, have many different pursuits, and not all their priorities and values need be placed within their singular identity of being Islamic. It is, of course, not surprising at all that the champions of Islamic fundamentalism would like to suppress all other identities of Muslims in favor of being only Islamic. But it is extremely odd that those who want to overcome the tensions and conflicts linked with Islamic fundamentalism also seem unable to see Muslim people in any form other than their being just Islamic."


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