Saturday, September 26, 2009

Interesting Readings

What better way to get back to posting--after a short summer (five weeks) back home in Chicagoland, back to Doha for year two of NU-Q, and a brief Jane Austen tour in England--than to offer links to interesting articles. Religion Dispatches (a daily stop for me) has had a flurry of good essays and reviews, like Haroon's Moghul's review of Zeitoun, a novel by Dave Eggers. Then Jocelyne Cesari writes about "Rarefied Islamophobia: When Americans Duplicate the European Cultural Talk." I recommend the site.

Eid mubarak to one and all. Thank you for visiting. I hope to be posting more regularly. Here are a few photos from a couple of our stops in the UK (my first trip there), the estates where they filmed the two versions Pride and Prejudice (aka "Pemberley")--my first and last foray into chick lit.


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