Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Meaning of "Terri Schiavo"

The wall-to-wall media attention to the Terri Schiavo case is not the circus that people complain of. What’s happening in DC and in the courts has the potential of biting a few revered posteriors, not the least of which is the division of power between the three branches of government. They’re divided for a reason, mainly to keep this country from forming a monarchy or, worse yet, a theocracy inspired by the sniveling cants of folks like Pat Robertson et al. It’s a good thing that we’re spreading democracy around the world, because soon we’ll have to travel for a taste of it. If you have a vague nervous feeling about what this all means, then for clarity read the following two articles from NYT columnists Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich (who, by the way, are established writers (patently left-swingers) who know how to turn phrases that not only sound cool, but deliver a lexical punch). I do not take lightly the plight of Terri or her family. This is all too familar to me on a very personal level. The sanctity of life is a primary ethic of human existence. But sanctity is not necessarily violated by death by plug-pulling. In fact, it is often challenged by fixating on a biological existence with indifference to such things as soul and spirit, which the post-modern ethos would like to deny not only sanctity but existence. Science never leads; it follows the assumptions of societies and civilizations.


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Assalam Alaikum, Ahlan Akhi Ibrahim. Good to hear from you. Yes indeed great minds think alike. You just recently got your blog too. Masha-allah. Congrats on the award. Subhanallah, forgive me akhi, I completely forgot that you sent it to me earlier. I was reading it and said to myself that I knew I had read this before. Anyway, mabruk. You are my example akhi. Insha-allah we will hook up in the summer when i return if you have time.

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